Adopt a College Student

Adopt a College Student Program

Connecting our Destino students with local churches is a high priority. We developed an "Adopt a College Student" program to help our students become involved in the lives of families in churches. Download a prototype description to see how we ...


Ethnic Identity Model

One of our main goals in Destino is to help students grow in their ethnic identity journey. We've adopted a model from Orlando Crespo's book, "Being Latino in Christ", to help staff and students better understand how to help someone ...


Spontaneous Expansion of the Church

Title: Spontaneous Expansion of the Church and Causes that Hinder It Written by Roland Allen in 1927 this book challenges missionaries to consider the ways they may be preventing gospel movements from expanding. Download the kindle version below.

Dia de los muertos

Dia de los Muertos Survey

This survey was created by @hollynrolly for the Mexican holiday, "Dia de los Muertos". It is designed to help you get into spiritual conversations while celebrating the holiday on your campus or in your community. We used the survey in ...

Destino Cross Logo

Destino “Cross” Logo

This logo is used by various Destino movements around the country.

National Destino Logo

National Destino Logo

This is the logo used at a national level for Destino since the founding of the movement. It is set in the "Forte" font.

Angel Undocumented Immigrant

Illegal America: Al Jazeera Documentary

Al Jazeera's Fault Line program has created a great, short documentary that looks at multiple sides of the "illegal immigration" debate. This would be a great video for a ministry team to watch together and then discuss.

What is Culture?

What is Culture?

The first video in a series in training for Cross Cultural Ministry. This video focuses on "What is Culture?". In it a definition of culture is developed as well as the iceberg model of culture. Finally a Biblical paradigm for ...

La Novela de Dios Picture

La Novela de Dios Bible Study

In the Spring of 2011 our Destino movement created it's own Novela. We wanted to expose our students to more of God's word. Many of them had never heard the stories of God from the Old Testament. What better way ...

Destino Fall Flyer

Growing Movement Flyer

This is a flyer we've used on campus and in the dorms. It is all text and emphasizes that Destino is a Latino student group on campus. For campuses where Destino is not the largest, we have changed the text ...

Latinos Following Christ Flyer

Latinos Following Christ Flyer

This is a flyer we used for two years on our campus to promote Destino. We would put it up in the dorms before the school year started. The "Latinos Following Christ" Flyer is available for download in .PSD format.


¿Como Que Failing?

Helping Latino students succeed academically is extremely important to us in Destino. Nationwide only 52% of Hispanic freshmen will graduate within six years. We want to do something about that. We've developed a resource called "¿Como Que Failing? - How to ...


Acts Bible Study: Launching a Movement

Our staff team wrote this Bible study of the book of Acts from the perspective of launching a movement. Written using the Essentials CHAT format but with a distinct Latino feel, it explores topics such as ethnic identity, the seriousness ...

Destino Stage 2 Thumbnail

Destino Stage 2

After three years of working with Destino we decided to sit down and write out some of the things we had learned (often the hard way). The result is "Destino Stage 2: Principles we used as God grew our Destino ...


Lectio Divina en Familia

Lectio Divina, Latin for divine reading, is an ancient Catholic practice of prayer and scripture reading whose goal is to promote meeting with God. The introduction to a devotional book Solo says, “Lectio divina is more Bible basking than Bible ...