Hispanics Now 2nd Largest Ethnic Group on Campus

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The Pew Hispanic Center has just issued a report showing that Hispanic college enrollment grew 24% in just one year. One year! Latinos now outnumber African-Americans on campus in the U.S., making them the second largest ethnic group on campus.

More fascinating points from the report:

  • White non-Hispanic enrollment actually dropped by 320,000 students.
  • The total population of Hispanic 18-24 year olds grew by 7% last year. (It’s not just that there are more Latinos, but more of them are going to college.)
  • Hispanics are disproportionately enrolled in 2-year colleges. They make up 22% of 2-year colleges while only 12% of 4-year schools. (Could this be a reason why major national Christian ministries have been slow to reach Latinos? We tend to be more active on 4-year schools and have more success there.)

Read the full report here (PDF): “Hispanic Enrollment Spikes”

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Posted on August 26, 2011

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2 Responses to Hispanics Now 2nd Largest Ethnic Group on Campus

  1. PL says:

    From personal experience, Hispanics tend to go to community colleges but either drop out, never transfer to a 4 year or take one or two classes which leads to them graduating in 6 years+

    • destinoeric says:

      How have you tried to grow a movement in that kind of environment? How have you had to think differently? What have you changed with your strategy?

      The statistic I heard last year was that only 52% of Hispanic freshmen will graduate within 6 years. I think if Destino works hard we can help improve that, but we’re definitely swimming against the current.¬†Thanks for the input!