Advertising on Campus in Spanglish

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“Many second generation Hispanics constantly navigate between two worlds and two languages: the English in which they learn at school and socialise, and the Spanish they speak at home with their parents.”

BBC News – Life in Spanglish for California’s young Latinos

More and more Latinos are speaking “Spanglish”, a mixing of Spanish and English. Instead of being viewed as something negative, what if we looked at it as a new creation? What if it were the linguistic equivalent to Jazz (a blending of two musical styles)?

We’ve begun to use Spanglish in our publicity and advertising on campus. It allows us to segment our audience (only Latinos tend to understand it). Using Spanglish also communicates in what is increasingly becoming a new heart language.

How can you take an existing advertisement and rework it in Spanglish?

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Posted on October 7, 2010

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