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Demographics of Your City

Link: Demographics of Your City These are FASCINATING maps that allow you to view U.S. Census data by race and ethnicity for every county in los EE. UU.  Go ahead and look at your town? Does it match the demographics of your ...

Latinos in Ministry Podcast

Link: Latinos in Ministry Podcast I can’t recommend the “Latinos in Ministry” podcast highly enough. There are great sermons from various speakers covering diverse topics such as: Not all Latinos eat Tacos Being Latino in America

Latino Ministry Resources – UrbanMinistry.org

Link: Latino Ministry Resources - UrbanMinistry.org I’ve found great ministry resources from this website, especially their “Latinos in Ministry” podcast that I’ll link to tomorrow.

Being White: Finding Our Place in a Multiethnic World

Many staff that work with Destino movements are White. But many of us have never recognized it until we started to do Destino. How does being white affect how we relate to ethnic minorities? How does it affect how we ...

Christians and Immigration

Link: Christians and Immigration How should we respond to immigrants as Christians? Being involved with Destino you probably get this question a lot. Here’s a well thought out response from a professor at Denver Seminary.

Outreach Idea: Prayer, Care, Share

Evangelism is one of the main values for our Destino movement. We’re always looking for ways to share our faith with students on campus. Prayer, Care, Share is an outreach that we are doing this month. Here’s how it works: Choose ...

Galilean Journey – God’s Desire to Use Doubly Rejected People

Galilean Journey by Virgilio Elizondo is a fantastic book relating the story of Jesus with the story of Mexican-Americans in the United States. Virgilio is a Hispanic priest from San Antonio who has written numerous good books on ministry to ...

What Bible Study Material Do We Use in Destino?

Many times people ask what curriculum we use in Destino for our Bible studies. We’ve found the Essentials of Spiritual Growth and Multiplication (or “Essentials” for short) to be very effective for a Latino audience. Here are some of the ...

Latinos in Ministry Podcast

iTunes has a great podcast available on Latino Ministry: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/latinos-in-ministry-podcast/id265234208 Be sure to check out these episodes: Being Latino in America Not all Latinos eat Tacos  


Which tool do we use to share the gospel with Hispanic students?

  We’ve found the Knowing God Personally booklet to be very effective in explaining the Gospel to Latino students. Last fall, 1 in 4 Hispanic students we shared the gospel with placed their faith in Christ. Some of the reasons I ...

Great Ministry Resources at CruPressGreen.com

Props to Tim Henderson and Rick James of CruPress.com for making available all of their resources for free over the internet. Much of this has long been available for purchase, but they’ve made it available online now for free. Great job guys! Be ...