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A Latina, former Destino student, now serving in an urban context.

La Jornada – A Journey In Cultural Identity

The following post is part of our series on Ethnic Identity. At some point in my career I had to do a presentation about Mexican culture in a multicultural team. I gladly did it, but no one else did one. It ...

Third Cultural

Under Construcción: Growing in Cultural Identity

A friend introduced me to the idea that “ministry is as much about us as it is about those to whom we minister.” This picture could not be truer of my experience with Destino. This post is born out a recent ...

dia de muertos

Sharing the Gospel through Día de los Muertos

The smell of cempasuchitl (Mexican marigolds) would often take over the busyness and pollution of the city. It signified the beginning of a colorful celebration that I did not fully understand, but certainly enjoyed.  As a child, Día de Los ...

Chicano Legacy 40 Anos

Who Decides What It Means To Be Latin@?

Hispanic Heritage month is well under way on many campuses around the nation, but not here on this commuter campus. No mariachi band playing, no people handing out free paletas, and no grito. Here, where Latin@s are the the majority of ...


This Little Light of Mine

In a recent post I discussed how praying for oneself created a redemptive experience for many Latino students at Destino Trek. During that same night another of the prayer stations was set up to intercede for family members and friends ...

Prayer Station at Destino Trek

I Can Pray for Myself?

  The prayer night at Destino Trek was a highlight for most of us. The room had been set up in different stations and students were able visit each at their own pace. Two of them in particular made this prayer ...