Largest Minority Group on Campus More Spiritually Open Than Ever

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Fresh off the U.S. Census report showing that with 50 million members strong Hispanics are the largest minority group in America, comes a report that they are also the largest minority group on college campuses. As we start the school year in 2012 there are more than 2 million Latino college students studying in our nation’s universities. There is truly a fundamental shift taking place in the demographics of our country.

Not only are there more Hispanic students than ever, but they are also more spiritually open than ever before. A recent article on NBCLatino shares:

Hosffman Ospino, Director of Graduate Programs in Hispanic Ministry at Boston College, explains that the access to the media and contemporary trends in education are exposing Latinos more and more to non-traditional religious experiences.  Moreover, college is for many an opportunity to “explore” beyond one’s religious tradition.

That was the case for Martinez. “College opened my eyes. Learning about the experiences from other students finding themselves ‘spiritually’ inspired me to do the same.

There are more Latinos on campus than ever before. They are more open to spiritual things than ever before. What more motivation do you need to start Destino on your campus?

photo courtesy: Jorge Quinteros

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Posted on September 11, 2012

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  1. I love your passion, Eric. Thank you for everything you do.