2 Resources to Help Develop A Missional View of Immigration

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Immigration March in AZ against SB1070

Immigrants are near to the heart of God. The sooner we realize this the sooner we will begin to look to His word for how we should respond to them instead of to a political party (either left or right). Doing so will cause us to ask questions like:

  • How is our theology shaped by the immigrant stories around us and in the Bible?
  • How do we have a missional view of what has become a hot-button political issue?
  • How can we begin to have our heart beat in tempo with God’s heart for immigrants?

Within the past few years Fuller Seminary has hosted a variety of seminars to discuss a Biblical framework for thinking about immigration missionally. Godly people are on all sides of this issue, but these two resources below are ones I have found particularly helpful as I seek to have my faith influence how I respond to the immigrant down the street, at my kids school, and in my Destino movement.

Missiology Lectures 2011: People on the Move by Dr. M Daniel Carroll Rodas of Denver Seminary.

La Fraternidad Teologica Latinoamericana, specifically Undocumented Migration Missional Perspectives Part 1 and Part 2.

Listen to the talks that are available. I’d love to hear what challenges your existing perspectives and what you feel God calling you to do as a result.

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Posted on January 27, 2012

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