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Does Our Emphasis on the Great Commission Reveal Sin?

Without a doubt the Great Commission is one of the most quoted Bible passages used to motivate people to be involved in missions today. It is the cornerstone for any missions conference or organization. But, could our emphasis on the ...

Immigration March in AZ against SB1070

2 Resources to Help Develop A Missional View of Immigration

Immigrants are near to the heart of God. The sooner we realize this the sooner we will begin to look to His word for how we should respond to them instead of to a political party (either left or right). ...


Why Appointments Might Only Be For White People

When was the last time you went an entire week on campus without a student canceling an appointment with you? Devin and I were talking about this last semester and came up with a possible solution: maybe appointments are just for ...


Missionaries Prevent Movements

Missionaries prevent movements. What if the thing that most prevents movements from growing are the missionaries that lead them? What if they are keeping the very thing they want to see happen from occurring? Are there beliefs and habits they have ...


Spontaneous Expansion of the Church

Title: Spontaneous Expansion of the Church and Causes that Hinder It Written by Roland Allen in 1927 this book challenges missionaries to consider the ways they may be preventing gospel movements from expanding. Download the kindle version below.