Our Values: Loving Familia

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In our Destino Movement a core value is that of familia. Students come to college and they know hardly anyone. They’re leaving a close, tight-knit community at home and trading it for the anonymity of college. That transition can be tough.

Our desire is for Destino to be a new familia for them, an away-from-home family. We want the movement to be a place where they are known, they feel connected, and they have friends that care for them deeply. As a transfer student recently said, “I thought I came to A&M for an engineering degree. Now I recognize God brought me here for you all in Destino.”

We added the word “loving” to our values because we recognize that not every student grew up in healthly family dynamics. While many have already experienced family as a loving place, many more have not. We want Destino to be a place where they learn to be a part of a healthy family. A place where they can practice, in some small way, for the family they will start a few years after college.

How have you seen familia in your movement? How is it different than other campus ministries?

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Posted on May 13, 2011

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A white guy who believes Latinos will change the world, Destinoeric served with Destino from 2008-2013. You can read more of his posts here or on twitter.

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