Our Values: Liberating Discipleship

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Win. BUILD. Send. Discipleship is one of the hallmarks of Campus Crusade ministry. So many of our resources are dedicated towards developing our students. Spiritual Multiplication is dependent upon our ability as a movement to effectively disciple each generation of students.

When we originally worked out our values we had this value as simply “discipleship”. But as we continued to work with Destino students we saw that our discipleship needed to be more than what was traditionally covered. These Latino and Hispanic students were coming to college in bondage. It could be bondage to a sense of inferiority, bondage to a broken sexual identity, bondage to their past. They were stuck.

We began to see that our discipleship needed to liberate these students. They needed to be set free from the things that were keeping them from reaching their full potential. Only then could they become who God wanted them to be. When God does that in a student’s life, their capacity is limitless.

How is your discipleship helping to liberate students in your movement?

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Posted on May 24, 2011

About destinoeric

A white guy who believes Latinos will change the world, Destinoeric served with Destino from 2008-2013. You can read more of his posts here or on twitter.

3 Responses to Our Values: Liberating Discipleship

  1. Guest says:

    Test to see if this is working

  2. Pablo says:

    What specifically were some thing you changed in your discipleship to accomplish a more liberating affect? 

    • destinoeric says:


      Great question. 

      I think it began with noticing what our students were “stuck” in. For each area they they couldn’t overcome we began to work that into our “discipleship” times. To borrow from @destinokristy:twitter  maybe something like a “Maslow’s hierarchy of discipleship”. If they can’t get past basic needs in their life then it is less likely they will do some of the higher things asked of them as leaders in a movement (sharing their faith, discipling others).

      For many, they are coming from poverty, so how they are going to pay rent or where they are going to get food for the week are common questions. We introduced them to ministries like http://www.angelfoodministries.com/ that would help them get the food they needed for the month. For others it was having other students teach them how they could get on food stamps.

      Another area is in the topic of Ethnic Identity. It is common for Latino college students to have a sense of inferiority about their culture. After all, most of the stereotypes in the media or politics are negative towards them. We started working to help them achieve wholeness in their ethnic identity through resources such as “Being Latino in Christ”.

      Only 52% of Hispanic and Latino freshmen will graduate college within 6 years. Many students were getting stuck in the area of academics. They would come to college, maybe come to faith, but within 12-18 months, they had failed out. We started to address this with an event called, “¿Como Que Failing?” Modeled after Steve Douglass’ “How to Get Better Grades and Have More Fun” it talks about some of the common mistakes that Latino and Hispanic students make in college. Much more is needed in this area, but it is a start.

      We’ve also helped some of our students see a local Christian counselor in town. There were issues in their lives they just couldn’t seem to get past (maybe absent/abusive father, depression, etc) that they needed liberating from.

      Those are just some of the ways that we’ve tried to change our discipleship to be more wholistic, more liberating for our students. “Moving” is inherent in being a movement. If people are stuck, you’ll never get to be one.

      What ways have y’all changed your discipleship to be more liberating?