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Evangelism is one of the highest values that fuels our movement. We’ve seen God do so much when we step out in faith to share the gospel. We want to see it continue to make it integral to everything we do in Destino. There are two main reasons (among many others) why we have Evangelism as a core value:

  1. God is moving in the Latino community. This past year 1 in 5 Latinos we would share the gospel with would indicate a decision to trust Christ. (And that’s not just because we shared with 5 people. We actually gave over 350 people a personal opportunity to hear about Jesus and respond to Him this year.) If you haven’t read it yet, you ought to read “Take the Destino Statistic Challenge” for more stories of how God has been working. It would be a shame after seeing Him move not to be consistently sharing the gospel. It would feel like a wasted opportunity.
  2. We want to be a movement. If we are only drawing in Christians then we will never truly be a movement. We have to be sharing the gospel with people who have not heard it. In Destino we never want to be satisfied with the 99 who are already found, we want to keep searching for the 1 who is still lost. If we ever stop having Evangelism at the core of our movement then we will cease to be who God has called us to be.

Here are some diagnostic questions to help you see if Evangelism is a priority in your movement:

  • What percentage of students involved in your movement came to faith in college? (with you or another ministry)
  • On average, how many times do you share your faith in a month?
  • Think about your top student leaders. Do they live an evangelistic life? (You will multiply what your leaders are doing, or not doing.)

We still have a long way to go to see this truly lived out in our movement. Currently not everyone involved shares their faith, but we are moving in that direction. We have a hard time following up people and seeing them stay involved. We’re continually trying new ways to help people connect better. But evangelism is so important to us that we feel it is worth doing poorly, rather than not at all.

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Posted on May 16, 2011

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A white guy who believes Latinos will change the world, Destinoeric served with Destino from 2008-2013. You can read more of his posts here or on twitter.

4 Responses to Our Values: Evangelism

  1. desde Los Angeles says:

    At Long Beach out of 20 students – 7 students came to know the Lord in college. (30% +)
    We also have 3 out of those 20 people who are not believers but come around.Interestingly also is that 6 out of those involved in our movement are not students on campus or at all (that’s about 30%), they come because of the relational connections to others in the movement (boyfriends, friends, etc…)

    • de says:

       What a great point! Another way to see how much of a priority evangelism is for your movement is to see how many INBs (Involved New Believers or Involved Non-Believers) there are. 

      I think you bring up a great point as well. Movements should spread and break outside of their boundaries that we put on them. I tend to think of a Destino movement as being just for the campus, but y’all are showing that God wants to do more than that. That’s really encouraging.

      What do you feel like y’all have done to help promote non-believers coming or non-students coming?

  2. YoSteve says:

    Great post, Eric!  I work with Latino students through InterVarsity’s LaFe and we’re seeing the same thing over here. 

    Latino students are so networked through campus and local communities.  We should expect God to use evangelistic efforts in our ministries to overflow beyond our ministries and beyond our campuses.  Yet another reason Latino ministry is so important!

    Some things that might influence your counting:
    - a lot of Latino students will make the jump from family to personal faith while involved in Destino or LaFe (and might not show up in some counts)
    - Latinos (especially folks with Christian family) seem to me to be more prone to get locked into a Christian bubble (and struggle to know people to share the gospel with)

    Thanks so much for your work and for provoking so much thought!

    • destinoeric says:


      Thanks for commenting. Good to hear LaFe is seeing some of the same things. We use so many LaFe/IV resources in Destino I’d be surprised if we weren’t seeing the same things :)

      We’ve seen a lot of the first thing you mention. I’ll find out years later that students made the transition from “family to personal faith” while at a retreat or on an appointment with me. At the time I had no idea it was happening. One way we look at our movement is to see how many of the students began their relationship with Christ in college or became serious about it for the first time. We can’t always get exact numbers and that’s alright. But it does help us keep evangelism a “main thing”.