Five Majority Culture Postures Towards Ethnic Minority Ministry

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In the course of working with Destino I’ve realized more and more that Ethnic minority ministry is not just about what God wants to do in the minority community. God also wants to use it to work in the majority culture.

Brian Virtue, Tommy Forester, and I collaborated on a document sharing some of the things the three of us from the majority culture have learned ministering among ethnic minority communities. It is titled “Five Majority Culture Postures Towards Ethnic Minority Ministry”. Read it below and let us know what you think.

Download: “Five Majority Culture Postures Towards Ethnic Minority Ministry”

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Posted on July 14, 2011

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A white guy who believes Latinos will change the world, Destinoeric served with Destino from 2008-2013. You can read more of his posts here or on twitter.

9 Responses to Five Majority Culture Postures Towards Ethnic Minority Ministry

  1. Amnpm2 says:

    I read your article on Viv Mabuni’s FB page…may I commend you on an excellent approach to a mushrooming situation.  We are in a different age, with or without our volition; the only alternative I see is to bury one’s head in a sandhill somewhere. My orientation is the same as yours, yet sixty plus years ago I married into a Middle Eastern ethnicity (after determining it was the Lord’s will, of course).  I have watched this topic these decades from both perspectives, and have been blessed with a passion for the painful situation in my late husband’s native homeland currently.  As my physical strength diminishes, my spirit is all I can wield; that I do in prayer constantly for those so desperate for the liberty we long to share with them…thanks for your addressing this, and I will stay in touch as you gain more insight.  Blessings, Patsy Momary

    • destinoeric says:


      Thank you so much for taking time to read the article and respond. Wow, what a story you have! It sounds like you’ve had a front-row seat to so many of these dynamics we talk about over the years. We hope this article will help people NOT to “bury one’s head in a sandhill somewhere” (loved the way you phrased it!) There is such great potential is people will engage in helpful ways.

      I join with you in praying for the Middle East as well. Things are changing very rapidly, I pray that God will work in mighty ways.

      Thank you again for commenting.

  2. Mikey Conrad says:

    Thanks for the well written article.  I really appreciate its honesty and hope for the future of ethnic ministries.  I especially believe the most important posture we must continue to evaluate with the Lord is “Unity as togetherness.” 

    I know you briefly mentioned the often assumed attitude that “put Jesus first” can present a false hope as other cultures are uniformed of the needs of a particular culture in the “unity.”  I agree.  But, at the same time, our posture towards ministry and theology should not be completely reactionary.  Especially when you look at the sheer numbers of homogeneous churches across the country that are dying while multiethnic churches are growing exponentially.

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  4. KaseyChiao says:

    Thank-you for launching a discussion on a very important topic. I wish to add that all minority groups also have a heritage of strength and beauty. Each individual possesses immense power BECAUSE of his/her heritage and not in spite of it. The blessing of living in the U.S. for me is having the collaborative strength of how our forefathers survived and thrived. Those forefathers include the ones that came here thousands of years ago and the ones that came after 1500′s.

    • Adrianpei says:

      Kasey, what you write is so true! In case you didn’t know, there is a follow up article that speaks to what you are describing, about how ethnic minorities relate to the majority culture. Check it out at: Also, it’s been posted on this site ( so would love to hear your thoughts about this side of the postures!

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