Between Two Worlds – Growing Up Latino

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The Pew Hispanic Center published a great report in 2009 titled “Between Two Worlds – Growing up Latino in America” detailing what it is like for young Latinos to grow up in America. They are American and Latino. They have roots in both worlds at the same time.

If you are trying to reach Hispanic and Latino students, I highly recommend reading through this report. It will help you as you decode your audience and get to know them better.

Here are some of the quotes out of the report:

On Identity

My dad and his whole side of the family…[are] diehard Cubans. My mom’s family is pretty much…white Anglo Saxon…and my dad never taught me or my sister Spanish. So….we go to family dinners…and it’s like you can’t even communicate with your family.” - 19-year-old Hispanic male

On Speaking Spanish

Growing up…I didn’t speak a lot of Spanish because my dad had…always told me… ‘Speak English because I want you to do well in school,’ and … ‘I don’t want you to have an accent or people judge you.’” - 20-year-old Hispanic female

On Speaking Spanglish


[Spanglish]…for example…right now I’d be speaking in English y después empiezo hablar Español. You start the sentence in one language and then all of a sudden switch to another language…with my brothers I speak Spanglish, and we switch back and forth all the time.” - 20-year-old Hispanic female


Read the full report here: Between Two Worlds – Growing Up Latino in America.



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Posted on June 3, 2011

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