Academic Outreach Idea for Latinos

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Helping Latino students succeed academically is extremely important to us in Destino. Nationwide only 52% of Hispanic freshmen will graduate within six years. We want to do something about that.

We’ve developed a resource called “┬┐Como Que Failing? – How to Get Better Grades and Have More Fun”. It translates from Spanglish as “What do you mean, ‘failing’?” We imagine many parents asking this same question of their students after their first semester.

We give this presentation at the start of each new academic year on our campus. It’s a chance for us to help incoming Latino freshmen succeed. It also helps us get to know them. We’ll have contact cards or door prizes. We can then have some of our upperclassmen have lunch or coffee with the freshmen once the semester starts to get to know them and help them adjust to college life.

In Destino we want to help students succeed in all areas of life: academically, socially, mentally, and spiritually. We believe that when a student is excelling spiritually it helps them to excel academically. We continue to work to develop resources that will help us to equip the next generation of Latino leaders to succeed.

Download the resource and let us know what you think.

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Posted on August 10, 2011

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A white guy who believes Latinos will change the world, Destinoeric served with Destino from 2008-2013. You can read more of his posts here or on twitter.

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