A Family on Summer Project

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Being here as a family in the Domican Republic has been challenging. While it is a blessing to be here with our 2 girls, I can understand why people don’t travel with toddlers. After one particularly difficult day, we were talking to one of the students about why he decided to come on this trip. He said, “I came primarily to be around you all. I have never been around a normal family, so I wanted to spend the summer around one.” His comment was a humbling one for me. Several times in the last week and half, I’ve felt less than normal. We bathe in insect repellent every morning to walk down to the lobby and eat breakfast, we take tired, cranky kids around to tour a terribly dirty city, and we regularly deal with major melt-downs from both toddlers simultaneously. But in the midst of all of that, these students still actually want to be around us. They want to help carry all our junk around and play with our cute girls. They watch us as we imperfectly love our kids, and they’re thankful for our presence on the team.

60% of our project students are coming from broken homes. They have family situations that are hard, and they carry that around with them while they are here. I know that we aren’t exactly a model example of family (especially on a stressful summer project!), but I do know we love the Lord and one another which is generally good enough. I pray that God will use us to give these students’ a different picture of family. Not a perfect picture, but one that is redemptive even if in a small way.

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Posted on June 6, 2011

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  1. SO says:

    It is such a blessing to be around a family that loves Jesus and experiences his love and grace and invites others into their life. I love that students are getting to see yall. 

  2. Deniseadame06 says:

    You guys are amazing! A great example of how a family with God as their center should be. I, too, enjoyed being on project with the Robinsons. Thank you for letting us share in these unforgettable moments with your beautiful family. I hope you realize your family is a whole lot bigger than the four of you :) love you guys! Can’t wait to see you again soon.


    • Thanks Denise! I’ve told Eric often that this project feels a lot like the El Salvador project. Excited that we get to have another season of time around you! Proud of you for pursuing grad school. You are awesome!