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An Encounter with Anti-Latino Racism has a great article up today titled, "My Encounter with anti-Latino Racism". The author, Nick Valencia, shares one specific racist experience he had at a concert and how that caused him to think through his own identity. He has great ...

Angel Undocumented Immigrant

What Does It Mean To Be “Illegal” In America?

You can't minister among the Latino population in the U.S. for long without coming face-to-face with one of the largest issues affecting Hispanics: immigration. Al Jazeera's program, Fault Lines, has done a great documentary asking the question, "What does it ...

Chicano Legacy 40 Anos

Who Decides What It Means To Be Latin@?

Hispanic Heritage month is well under way on many campuses around the nation, but not here on this commuter campus. No mariachi band playing, no people handing out free paletas, and no grito. Here, where Latin@s are the the majority of ...

Angel Undocumented Immigrant

Illegal America: Al Jazeera Documentary

Al Jazeera's Fault Line program has created a great, short documentary that looks at multiple sides of the "illegal immigration" debate. This would be a great video for a ministry team to watch together and then discuss.

What is Culture?

Learning to Exegete Cultures

We've learned to exegete the Scriptures but we haven't learned to exegete cultures. - Dr. Mark Young I first heard the above quote while in a seminary class on cross cultural ministry dynamics. It is such a powerful way to describe ...

What is Culture?

What is Culture?

The first video in a series in training for Cross Cultural Ministry. This video focuses on "What is Culture?". In it a definition of culture is developed as well as the iceberg model of culture. Finally a Biblical paradigm for ...


Destino Student Blogs

It's super exciting to see Destino growing around the country. Last I heard we have movements active on more than 40 campuses nationwide. A great way to stay in touch with what God is doing is to read the blogs ...

La Novela de Dios Picture

La Novela de Dios Bible Study

In the Spring of 2011 our Destino movement created it's own Novela. We wanted to expose our students to more of God's word. Many of them had never heard the stories of God from the Old Testament. What better way ...

Hispanic Heritage Month Dancing

Hispanic Heritage Month and Destino

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated each year from September 15 - October 15. All around the country Hispanics and Latinos will gather to celebrate their rich cultural diversity and share it with their community. HHM is a fantastic time of the ...

Destino Fall Flyer

Growing Movement Flyer

This is a flyer we've used on campus and in the dorms. It is all text and emphasizes that Destino is a Latino student group on campus. For campuses where Destino is not the largest, we have changed the text ...

Latinos Following Christ Flyer

Latinos Following Christ Flyer

This is a flyer we used for two years on our campus to promote Destino. We would put it up in the dorms before the school year started. The "Latinos Following Christ" Flyer is available for download in .PSD format.

Equal Justice Statue

When is Justice Unjust?

I've been slowly making my way through Pastoral Care and Counseling with Latino/as. I just finished a chapter on "Ethics from a Latino Perspective". The authors, Montilla and Medina, wrote about how when you view ethics from the periphery, outside ...

Graduation Latina

How to Help Latinos Succeed in College

The start of every school year brings a mix of emotions for me. This year is no exception. I've enjoyed seeing our students again and kicking off a new semester, but I've also grieved over those that aren't ...


Bible Study Methods or Method?

One of the strengths of Evangelical Christianity is the insistence that members of the body can study God's word on their own. Churches, seminaries, and parachurch ministries have done a great job creating resources for people to dig deeply into ...