Which tool do we use to share the gospel with Hispanic students?

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We’ve found the Knowing God Personally booklet to be very effective in explaining the Gospel to Latino students. Last fall, 1 in 4 Hispanic students we shared the gospel with placed their faith in Christ. Some of the reasons I think it is effective for evangelism among Latinos:

  • We don’t just hand out the booklet at random, we use it in the context of a conversation.
  • Hispanics and Latinos tend to come from spiritual backgrounds. As one student told me, “I go to church on Christmas and Easter. And I know God is real. Don’t tell me otherwise.” He had no idea what it took to get to heaven, which is why the KGP booklet works so well. I feel like it meets Latinos exactly where they are and puts the pieces of the gospel together in a way that they understand.
  • The KGP booklet brings people to a point of decision. Often it is easy to talk about Jesus without having the person make a decision.
  • The student can take it with them when they are done.
  • We train our student leaders to add to the booklet “The Big Six”, a set of questions that makes it more of a conversation (and has the person you are sharing with actually share the gospel with you as they answer the questions!)
  • Using a booklet frees the presenter from worrying about what they will say. This allows some of our students who are only weeks old in their faith to begin sharing with their students.

There are many other evangelistic resources available to share with Hispanic and Latino students. We’ve found this one to be amazingly effective.

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Posted on September 22, 2010

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