Movement Momentum and Summer Projects

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Summer Projects play a crucial role in the creation of momentum for your movement. They are one of the primary ways that you can develop future leaders. It is absolutely critical that you work hard now to get people to go on summer project. We strive to have 10% of our movement go on an international project (Destino Mediterranean) and 50% go to Destino Trek. Here’s why:

  • Summer Projects offer great training for your leaders. Students will come back to campus in the fall knowing how to raise support, be an effective spokesperson, know how to share their faith, have experiences sharing the gospel, and so much more.
  • Summer Projects are a greenhouse for spiritual growth. Think about how much time you spend in a semester investing in your leaders. If you meet once a week for two hours then you’ve got about 30 hours together. On project you get that much time with them in just 2 days. The amount of information and experiences you can give them is so much greater than during the school year.
  • Raising support for Summer Project grows leaders. The experience of having to raise support is unlike anything else in growing leaders. The students must become expert spokespeople. They have to display dynamic determination. It tests their faith and causes them to trust God like never before. They’ve grown a ton before they ever show up for project.

There are many more reasons why to emphasize summer projects in your movement. Do the future of your movement a favor and make a commitment today to have 50% of your movement at Destino Trek this summer. You’ll be glad you did.

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Posted on November 15, 2010

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