Latinos Are Relational

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Familia is a high value within Latino culture. Students love to hang out and spend time with their friends. When it comes to being  a spiritual movement, this has great benefits.

Typically Campus Crusade movements are composed of Anglo students who come to college from Church backgrounds. When they get to college most of their friends are believers. Often they don’t have many non-Christian friends which means you have to spend time teaching them how to make intentional relationships so they can share their faith.

Latinos, at least in our movement, don’t have this problem at all. Because they are so relational they have friends all over campus. And because most Hispanic students don’t come from extensive church backgrounds (though they are positive towards spiritual things) many of their friends do not already have a relationship with God. 

In your movement you can take advantage of Oikos evangelism. You don’t necessarily need to do outreach events that focus on meeting random people (while that is a good idea at the start of the year). Instead you can focus on the friends of the people that you already have involved in your movement. If you have 10 people involved and each shares the gospel with 5 of their friends, I’d be surprised if you didn’t have 10 or 15 Latino students accept Christ as a result. 

So, how can you help the gospel travel along existing relational lines in your movement? (Prayer, Care, Share is a great idea)

Remember, share early, share often.

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Posted on October 21, 2010

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