Outreach Idea: Prayer, Care, Share

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Evangelism is one of the main values for our Destino movement. We’re always looking for ways to share our faith with students on campus. Prayer, Care, Share is an outreach that we are doing this month. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose 3 friends you know that you would like to share the Gospel with.
  2. For the first week, Pray for the three friends that they would come to know Christ and start a relationship with God. 
  3. During the second week look for opportunities to show each friend that you Care for them. It could be things like giving them a ride, taking notes for them in class, washing their car, anything that shows them you care for them. You know your friends best and will know how to care for them.
  4. Finally, for the last two weeks you are taking the opportunity to Share the Gospel with your friends. You could use something like Soularium, the Knowing God Personally Booklet, or even your own testimony. Whatever it is, share the gospel with your friends.

Godsquad.com has more information and resources about Prayer, Care, Share here: http://www.godsquad.com/evangelism/pray.htm  Campus Crusade also has more resources here: http://www.ccci.org/training-and-growth/training/prayer-care-share.htm

Let us know how Prayer, Care, Share works for you and your campus!

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Posted on October 18, 2010

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