What Bible Study Material Do We Use in Destino?

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Many times people ask what curriculum we use in Destino for our Bible studies. We’ve found the Essentials of Spiritual Growth and Multiplication (or “Essentials” for short) to be very effective for a Latino audience. Here are some of the reasons why we use it:

  • It is written for “secondary oral learners”, i.e. people who can read but prefer to learn by listening. The study is focused on discussion.
  • It is the only missional bible study I’ve ever seen. Each lesson ends with the participants choosing one person they are going to tell about what they learned that week. From the very beginning people learn that in the movement whatever they learn they are to pass on to other people.
  • It is simple to lead. Many of our Bible study leaders have been believers less than a year. They are able to step in and pass on what they have already learned.
  • Because of the easy transferability in the study it promotes Destino being a movement and not just another Christian ministry on campus.
  • Essentials focuses on application, not on knowledge. We believe that a Christian’s primary problem is not a lack of knowledge about God, but rather the lack of application in their life. Kids from Christian backgrounds want to know the Greek behind the study when they’re not even practicing prayer in their own life. Who cares what the Greek is when you’re not living out the basics?

These are just a few of the reasons why we’ve seen Essentials to be extremely effective on our campus. I can’t recommend it high enough.

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Posted on October 5, 2010

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