Destino is for Catholics and Protestants

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In Destino we say that “we want to focus on the things that bring us together, not the things that tear us apart.” We’ve intentionally tried to be a movement of believers in Jesus that includes people who are Catholic and who are Protestant. We focus on Jesus, the Gospel, and helping other people grow in their relationships with God.

I think many Protestants make the mistake of excluding Catholics from their movements. Yes, there are many differences between the two streams of Christianity, we don’t deny that. But there are great things in common and for the average Hispanic student they want to be in a movement where both are celebrated. Many Catholic students are worried that we’re trying to get them to change “their religion”. We’re able to affirm that we want to help them grow in a relationship with God. Where He leads them to go to church is up to them and God.

So, I recognize that most people starting Destino movements come from Protestant backgrounds. This means that you need to go out of your way to make Catholic students welcome and part of your leadership team in Destino. You may not be used to it, but the payoffs for your movement and your own personal walk with the Lord will be worth it. I’ve learned a ton from Catholic Christians, especially Hispanic Catholic writers, and I think you will too. 

We’re for Catholics and Protestants. What is important is a relationship with God.

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Posted on October 1, 2010

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A white guy who believes Latinos will change the world, Destinoeric served with Destino from 2008-2013. You can read more of his posts here or on twitter.

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